and the home of the brave?

  We had our National Anthem tryouts this past weekend!  It was fun, hearing that song 300 times in 2 days. But in all seriousness, we had a great turnout, great support, and found some great singers for the 2008 Legends season.  Here are a few pics to recap the weekend:





Now that we have finished with the tryouts, it feels like the season really is almost here. 

We also had our Legends Caravan this past week, making stops in Danville, Cynthiana, Somerset, Frankfort and finishing at the Maker’s Mark Club here at Applebee’s Park.  It was a busy week for the Legends, and we are hoping to keep momentum going with all the things coming up in the next few weeks. 

Not only have we been doing a lot outside of the stadium however, but the front office is a pretty lively place these days as well.  Beverly, our wonderful receptionist filled our candy jar with peppermit patties (which has pretty much made my week); we held a press conference announcing that the KHSAA Baseball Championships will remain at Applebee’s Park until 2012; and our "Voice of the Legends" Rob Gidel celebrated the big 2-4!

Like I said, things have been pretty exciting around here, and you can only expect it to pick up momentum as the season comes upon us.  I think thats all we have for now, thanks for reading, hopefully we will be writing again soon!

In the meantime, Keep it Super fans, and we’ll see you at the Orchard on April 7th šŸ™‚

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