Getting down to the nitty gritty…

There are LITERALLY thirty-eight days till Opening Day here at Applebees Park for the Lexington Legends.
It’s all so weird because the first of March is already here…but, last time I checked…I thought it was still the middle of January. Boy, how the time really does fly.

Right now, with the Countdown on until April 7, SuperMario & EBJ are finalizing the plans for our 2008 promotional calendar, getting all our gameday staffs lined up for the season and just finally seeing the plans and visions we had back in October and November, start to take effect  now.
I like it.

Make sure if you haven’t signed yourself,  your family or your friends up yet for a season-ticket plan..that you do that ASAP. What else is there fun to do during the Spring and Summer in Lexington?…umm, hello!!! nothing, but Lexington Legends baseball! Duh! haha. But, seriously, take two seconds and take a look at the Legends website: and see what we have to offer for you. But, if you’re not too interested in getting yourself a season-long pass, go ahead and mark down this date and time….Saturday, March 15, 10am. On that date here at Applebee’s Park, individual season-tickets go on sale…so don’t miss that fun opportunity.

But, I guess…that’s all for now…however, DO…I REPEAT…DO…keep checking back here often so you can stay informed on the fun and exciting lives of SuperMario and EBJ. Cause you know that we definitely we’ll keep Diggin’ In to the Legends for sure!

keep it SUPER fans and we’ll see you out at the orchard on Monday, April 7 @ 7:05pm

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