Quarter HotDog + 77 degree weather = Success

Hey ALL!

I hope all you faithful readers have been having a swell day so far..

Tuesday, April 22nd was the first day of the Legends second homestand.
It was quarter hotdog night here at Applebee’s Park…so you know what that means!?!?!? Families upon families doubled and tripled up on their hotdog intake, which is definitely great for business.

Speaking of great for business…Tuesday was our first day back for a home game and we had AWESOME weather.
During our opening week, we went from 70 degrees all the way down to the 40s, which is no fun at all. And, that affected all kinds of business.

Hopefully, we’re done with all this yucky weather for quite sometime.
But, it’s fours hour before the first pitch so I’m going to start preparing for the game, but be sure to check back on a regular basis because from here on out, I’ll try my hardest to have some fun pictures from all the games on the blog for you to see.

Thats it until the next time!

keep it SUPER fans!!!

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