5 things to love about baseball

Ok, so now that I work in a ball park, it is amazing to see little things around that can make you so happy.  Here are five things I’ve seen this homestand that have put a smile on my face:

1.When a little boy was jumping up and down the entire elevator ride up to the press box because he won the Kid’s PA contest

2. In the 11th inning of a game, a group of little girls started a chant that got the whole crowd going to cheer on the team when they are one run down.

3. When a stadium of thousands gave a standing ovation to the team with 1 out left to win the game. 

4. Seeing a winning score on the score board after our players had pushed for the past 10 games to get a win at home.

5. Seeing our character Big L do a mad dash from right field to 3rd base with 20 kids chasing after him.

All of these things have happened this past week and it has reminded me of what this job is all about.  Maybe its because I’m a girl (this is EBJ, not SuperMario talking) but there is a sense of ambiance here at the ballpark that is hard to find anywhere else.  Tonight the Legends won at home after 10 straight losses, and baseball in the bluegrass was an amazing thing.  These players worked hard, and it was easy to see the sense of accomplishment on their faces when the scoreboard was finally in their favor at the end of the game.

Tomorrow the Legends have one more game here in Lexington before heading out on the road again,and with the 1st month of games almost behind us, I’m getting excited to see what the rest of the season will look like. 

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