Its Sunday afternoon, approximately 27 minutes away from our game day meeting for the last game of this homestand.  Technically this has been a 5 day homestand, but if you look at the calendar you will see that the Legends have played 13 games within a 16 day period.  Crazy, yes.  I’m just happy to have survived. 

This homestand has really kicked off our big promotional nights and from here they will only get bigger.  Last night the Bucket Boys performed and if you have never seen them perform then you haven’t really lived.  If you have haven’t seen them yet, you should check out the video here:


bucket boys.wmv


Our next homestand will kick off on the 19th… and while that seems like a long way away, don’t forget that the KHSAA state baseball tournament will be here at “the orchard” the 12th-14th!  So if you are missing our staff, our park, or watching baseball… come on out to see us on those nights! 

until next time…


p.s.: here is a shout out to shopper the super intern!

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