the meal wheel

In any office you work, you will inevitably be forced to make tough decisions.  In the Legends office, the toughest decision anyone will have to make is where to eat for lunch. 

We face this midday quandary almost every day of the week.  Mexican or chinese?  Raising Canes or Chik-fil-a?  Somedays are easier…. such as Pasta Bar Thursday.  The problem is not even that there are too many choices.  We just don’t know how to make them.  Today for example, you would have thought that deciding where to eat was like deciding our collective fate.  Seth wanted Chipotle because he had a coupon, Justin wanted McDonald’s because he had a coupon… a few wanted to go to Chik-fil-a, the rest of us just didn’t care.  Alex of course will always throw out Culver’s, I think we’ve eaten there twice.  Half of us ended up at Chik-fil-a, half ended up at Chipotle.

Our handy interns (they call themselves the Ron Borkowski Sweat Hogs) even made a product of genius to solve this issue that we face.  I called it the meal wheel and I’m sticking with that name.  The wheel is apparently a spherical piece of material with different restaurants listed in different sections.  Its common sense really, where the wheel lands, thats where you eat.  Unfortunatley their “Pig Pen” cubicle really is a pig pen, so we were unable to locate this instrument when we needed it most… today around noon. 

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