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Today was a pretty normal day in the office.  We begin an 8- day homestand against the Rome Braves at 7:05pm tonight so the atmosphere is always a little different when the team is in town.  We just finished one of the longest breaks of the season with the team traveling for 8 days, so today is a good preparation with the big nights we have going on here this weekend. 

At approximately 3:52pm however, things changed.  One of our interns (Atomic Adam is his alias) walked in with 4 ginormous boxes FULL of tasty Nestle Drumstick treats.  While he was stalking the office freezer I was fortunate to get a nice little action shot for this entry.




As you can see, the we will have our work cut out for us over the next few days as we try to eat what we can before everyone else in the front office gets to it.   Its a big problem when you have so much ice cream that you can’t eat all of it, but you can’t just let it sit there either.

In other activities, tomorrow is “Boots & Beer Night” at Applebee’s Park.  We’ll have our Thirsty Thursday discount with $1 beer and pepsi products as well as plenty of cowboy boots, country music, and plaid to get us pumped up for the Alan Jackson and Leann Womack here in less than 2 weeks!

Lets be honest there will be more Beer than Boots here, but it also gives our staff another reason to bring back the Jorts from May so we are pumped.

Stay tuned for more pictures during the homestand.  If you want to capture the live action you can come out and see us here at the Orchard or check out Late Night with the Legends on the home page to see what we get into every night as we cheer on our team to win a game!


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