Countdown to Concert Time…

Hello Hello Hello to everybody!!!

It is Monday, July 28th and we are counting down the time until Alan Jackson and LeAnn Womack roll into Applebee’s Park.

It all begins Wednesday night and the excitement and buzz is LITERALLY starti
ng toAj3
build for this fun night of good times and lots of fun.
The road crew for the concert got started early this morning packing in different parts of the stage and they will continue until everything is a go.
Take a look at some of the pictures of the workers…doing work.

This past weekend, the Legends hit the road to take on the Delmarva Shorebirds in a 4-game set.
They continued their winning ways as of late and won Friday & Saturday nights game but lost in a close game 7-5 on Sunday.
They have Delmarva again tonight at 7:05pm then head to Hagerstown for another 4 games then back to the Orchard to open up a long home series with the Lake County Captains & the Asheville Tourists.

When everyone comes to the games be sure to check out my brand new, sweet and very “SUPER” belt buckle.
It’s a spinner belt buckle at that.
I’m sure EVERYONE will enjoy it just as much as I do.
I’ll be wearing it pretty much from here on out. Just so you know 🙂


That’s about all I have for now..

keep reading and I’ll keep bloggin.

until next time, keep it SUPER!


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