Monday = Back to Work

Goooooood Monday Morning to one and all!

It’s 10am and it’s time for yet another edition of Diggin’ In to the Legends.

As ALWAYS, I hope everyone had a refreshing and relaxing weekend! I did for sure. I had a few friends over to my house Friday night and then attended the EKU football game (YES!, the won) Saturday night n48200609_33320203_5954.jpg and Sunday finally relaxed and hung out with my awesome dog, Calvin the “Golden Stallion,” all day long.

For those keeping track, we are exactly five months OR 183 days away from the 2009 Lexington Legends baseball season! Wow! Get Excited, for sure!

A few blog posts ago, I mentioned how Big L and the rest of the Legends Characters would be hitting the streets throughout different communities REALLY SOON! Well, look below where you can find Big L out and about:

* Big L will be in Richmond at Clark Moore Middle School attending a Fall Festival on Tuesday, October 14.

*Thursday, October 16 – Big L will be at the 3rd annual Health and Wellness Expo at National College around lunch time in Lexington

*Saturday, October 17 – Halloween Hoedown kicks off in Richmond. Big L will be making his way as well

That’s all I have so far but keep checking back for more fun updates and pictures and lots more information as I continue to update you on Diggin’ In To the Legends.

Back to work for me..

keep it SUPER!



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