Wednesday = Hump Day!!!

Hello Helo Hello ALL:

It’s Hump Day Wednesday which means there are two days left until the weekend…guess who is excited about that??? This guy, good ole SuperMario!

But anywho…I talked how Big L will be all over the community starting real soon in the last edition of Diggin’ In to the Legends. Well guess what!? Big L made the trip up I-75 to the land of the 40475. Sweet Richmond, Kentucky. Also, the current residence of yes…SuperMario…haha.

Clark Moore Middle School had their annual Fall Festival where tons of students and their families stuck around after-school to play carvinal games, inflatables and more!

Check out pictures of Big L from the event below:

Fall Festival (Richmond) 001.jpg
Fall Festival (Richmond) 002.jpg

Big L was a BIG HIT as he helped bring excitement to the festival. Kids learned lots about the consequences of using tobacco products and the harms of underage drinking.

The KY National Guard was also on hand and brought “drunk goggles” that simulated the effects of drunk driving.

Big L had LOTs of fun at the wonderful event put on by the great folks at Clark Moore Middle School.

If you would like for Big L or any of the other Legends characters to attend your next event, let us know…. log onto to find out how easy you can do so!

Here’s the direct line to the section on the website where you can request a character appearance::

That’s all for this Hump Day edition of Diggin’ In to the Legends…see ya next time!

keep it SUPER,



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