Bluegrass Bachelors 2008…

It’s Thursday, which equals one day away from Friday, which then means..the weekend will be here. YAYAYAYAYAY!

Speaking of a good weekend plan for ya if you’re looking for something to do..

This Sunday is the Bluegrass Bachelors of 2008 party…and yours truly, good ole SuperMario has been selected by the fine folks from Ace Weekly to serve with a few others as the “creme of the crop,” “creme de la creme,” etc.  Ace Weekly chose the most ELIGIBLE bachelors in the Bluegrass, and profiled myself and the rest of the guys in their October 30 edition of Ace (today-Thursday).

Ace has being doing this event for awhile now. Recent Bluegrass Bachelors over the past ten years have included: doctors, lawyers, detectives, police officers, chefs, engineers, athletes, bankers, veterinarians, artists, professors, and more!

This year’s bachelor candidates range from early 20s to mid 50s and obviously are SINGLE, and definitely qualify as a real Catch of the County.

All you faithful, Diggin in to the Legends readers, should put this event on your agenda for the weekend. With SuperMario there…it’s looking more and more like a star-studded event…ha!

But, seriously…here is some more information about the event…
Ace Weekly ad.JPGSo there ya go…Make it out if you can…at least to say HELLO…along with that, come support the cause and help out the Woodford Humane Society where all the proceeds are going towards.

Of course, on Monday, I’ll have a full and complete wrap-up of how this Bachelor Party bottomed out. I’m totally not sure what to expect, but, I’ll definitely give ya the breakdown on how it all goes, on the next edition of Diggin in to the Legends.

have a great weekend everybody!

keep it SUPER fans!




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