Wet and Nasty Wednesday Afternoon in Lexington…

Well HELLO friends and welcome into Wednesday Hump Day edition of everybody’s favorite minor league baseball blog, Diggin’ In to the Legends!

This weekend was a FUN weekend for yours truly as Friday night I invited some of my close friends to my casa (house) to celebrate it being…a Friday night in Richmond, Kentucky haha. And, by close friends, I mean there were about 100 people jammed in tight…shew! what a night.

n48200609_33514807_6279.jpgAnd, for those that don’t know as of yet…good ole n48200609_33514770_9134.jpgSuperMario is an avid viewer and dedicated fan of wrestling. Or better known to the folks here in Wildcat country…”rasslin.” A good friend of mine, works as a sales guy for one of the local radio stations here in Lexington, which just so happened to sponsor TNA (Total Non-Stop Action) coming into Lawrenceburg, Ky on Saturday.  Long-story short, for the better part of the day, I was able to hangout with some of their superstars and had an amazing time. The night ended with the guys I hung out all day with, putting it all on the line in the squared circle!

kettle 005.jpgAlso, this weekend another ‘FIRST’ was had for yours kettle 004.jpgtruly as I got in the holiday spirit and built my first ever gingerbread house. The actual idea came from my “allstar super friend,” Lindsea…we actually set and worked on this house for a couple hours…From all the cream to the different types of candy. It ended up turning out a-ok! I added some pretty fun pictures of that as well. Enjoy!

kettle 006.jpgThe last non-baseball news for you is I FINALLY took pictures of my kettle 007.jpgalmost one-year-old puppy, Calvin “the Golden Stallion.” He STILL is the best dog ever and I’m so happy he is around…The camera though makes his eyes look possessed. He’s not though, he barely even barks. 


Don’t forget, time has NOT run out yet on booking the Makers Mark Club for your next holiday party OR any event for that matter…get ahold of the Legends @ 859.252.4487, if you want to set something up! You’re not going to find a more elegant setting for special occasions than the Makers Mark Club. With seating for 150, and a clear view of Applebee’s Park, the Makers Mark Club is a versatile space & suitable for all occasions.

Xu2ngmW9.jpgFinally, don’t miss out on the best seats in the park, get your season tickets now…with your purchase of 2009 season tickets or a mini-plan, you will have the chance to win an all-expense paid VIP trip to Houston includuing airfare for four (4) courtesy of Blue Grass Airport and lodging in Houston. You will enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of Minute Maid Park and tickets to the Astros game! 

So many FUN things happening here at Applebee’s Park in Lexington! It’s great! Only 124 days until Opening Day 2009! Get excited!

until next time,

keep it SUPER fans!



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