just another manic monday…

woahhh oh oh…

 EBJ here. i’ve realized i have a tendency to title things using song lyrics, movie quotes, etc.  I do this with blogs, emails subject lines… everything.

Anyway, we hope that everyone reading is enjoying the holiday and wintery weather.  Our office has been staying busy.. we got our 2009 Legends calenders in today, so we will be spending out time mailing those out to fans over the next month.  On that note, its only appropriate to give a shout out to Minor League Baseball’s very own Ty Cobb (or T.Y. Cobbicus as he’s known around here) for putting together this year’s calendar.

Last week was full of some Big L action as the beloved character went out to promote our Hit the Books program done in partnership with Chick-fil-a.  Cow and Big L made the roadtrip to Wilmore to celebrate with the winner’s of last year’s program and deliver some free chicken nuggets to more than 600 elementary schoolers.  As a witness I will be the first one to tell you that those little tykes can make the most hiliarous moments when you put them in a room with a 7 foot cow and a ginormous mustachioed baseball player.

Check out some pictures of whats been going on below!


December 2008 015.jpg 
December 2008 003.jpg 

December 2008 008.jpg  
December 2008 025.jpg 


December 2008 030.jpg 
December 2008 032.jpg

As everyone prepares for the holidays we’d like to wish a safe and happy celebration to you and your family!  We’ll return Jan. 5th at full speed as we continue to count down to Opening Day 2009 which is only
112 days, 6 hours, 1 minute away!


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