baseball is coming!

What do Jedi, Munson, Fletch, Founder and Ramrod have in common?  They are team names of course. 

This week our office split into 5 teams to kick off a friendly competition among all of our staff members.  The task at hand is to get the word out to Central Kentucky about our fast approaching baseball season and what we have to offer this year! 

We’ve made a lot of great improvements over this past fall and since the new year has arrived its time to let people know about everything we will be offering for the 2009 season.  If you all haven’t looked through the website lately, all of our new ticket packages, promotions, and our Kids Club and Silver Slugger’s Club information is up to date and ready for your viewing pleasure.

In another note, Legends catcher, Max Sapp that Mario blogged about a few days ago is continuing to recover from his bout with Menengitis.  Check out the full release on Sapp’s recovery by clicking the link below:

In other Astro’s news, the countdown to spring training is on with only 37 days until their first workout on Feb. 14th.  To hear about our Major League affiliate and what they’ve been up to this off season check out their news page at


Until next time, keep it classy!

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