The Bluegrass state has been hit by a winter weather storm that definitely has been one for the ages!

Good ole SuperMario and the rest of the front office staff here at Applebee’s Park braved the arctic blast and traveled into work, one by one, slowly but surely.

I was the last of the staff to actually make it into work, seeing that I live outside the city in neighboring Richmond, Ky. Normally, on my way to work, its a hop, skip and a jump away…about 25 minutes. Well, after it was all said and done, todays, SCARY ride into work lasted an hour and a half…

If you haven’t made the trip outside the door and onto the roadways just yet, here’s a photo taken from kentucky.com of just how bad it was on Tuesday morning, throughout the afternoon and how its supposed to be on Wednesday…yucky, yucky, yucky!












Now into Legends news…the countdown is STILL ON…76 sweet days until the first pitch is thrown and play begins at Applebee’s Park. Get pumped!

Since my fingertips are pretty much frozen, I’m going to end this edition of minor leagues #1 baseball blog…but, as always, please DO check back often for all the latest updates from your hometeam, the Lexington Legends.

until next time,

keep it SUPER fans!



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