a little bit of this, a little bit of that…

After 2 weeks of ice and snow covering the Bluegrass and Applebee’s Park, this Friday afternoon has turned into a sunny and beautiful day… the perfect weather for some baseball.

It seems that every day gets a little more hectic as we approach April and we’ve begun to see signs all around the office signifying the start of the season… so in a David Letterman fashion, below are the 10 signs that tell us baseball season is almost here…

10. The countdown to Opening Day goes up on the Applebee’s Park Marquee.

9.  Our front desk turns into a giant sign up table for working national anthem tryouts, really big L appearances, and more.

8.  The temperature outside reaches above freezing (usually).

7.  Pocket Schedules arrive.

6.  We begin to see the summer staff coming in and out of the office.

5.  The group sales department disappears from the office for hours to clean off chairs & tables.

4.  We look out the window and see a giant inflatable of our mascots.

3.  Ben makes his list of the upcoming season’s Click FX songs which will no doubtedly be entrenched into the staff’s head by the end of April.

2.  You walk past a co-worker’s office and hear Take Me Out to the Ball Game & Star-Spangled Banner blasting from the speakers.

1.  Our groundskeeper (Christopher Pearl) starts to show signs of life.


As we peace out for the weekend, don’t forget that the National Anthem Tryouts are happening in 1 week!  Check out the homepage to sign up, or just come out to see all of the awesome performers next week at Fayette Mall.

Until next time, keep it classy Lexington!



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