60 days to go!

The staff at Applebee’s Park is having a big week this week with Hit the Books appearances, the annual Legends Radio Caravan and of course the National Anthem Tryouts coming up this weekend!  We’ve had Big L all over the place from Richmond to Georgetown and these sightings are sure to become much more frequent as the race is on to Opening Day. 

Yesterday Big L traveled to Georgetown where our Hit the Books winner was given an assembly at her school, Eastern Elementary.  Today and tomorrow Big L will visit schools in Lexington and venture to Danville for the Caravan before heading to Fayette Mall for the weekend.

    Thumbnail image for Eastern Elementary 2009 001.jpg 
Eastern Elementary 2009 002.jpg 
Eastern Elementary 2009 004.jpg 
Eastern Elementary 2009 005.jpg

 Speaking of Hit the Books, this amazingly awesome guy, David Nemec alongside with Scott Flatlow recently released a new book “This Day in Baseball.”  Why is David so awesome?  He went to Ohio State of course!  Anyway, check out the link here to see the feature article on this book at MLB.com Entertainment.

The Legends Caravan, which reaches its conclusion tonight in the Maker’s Mark Club at Applebee’s Park has played host this week to some great baseball players including the Legends alum Josh Anderson and the famous Doug Flynn who is known for being part of the Big Red Machine that brought World Series rings to the Reds in 75′ and 76′.  The caravan will be going on from 5:30-6:30 tonight with WLXG, ESPN Radio 1300 broadcasting live.  

The timing on this event seems fitting as today marks 60 days away from the Legends Home opener!  In honor of this, we will close out this post today with a few of our own interesting facts about this day in baseball…


1#:  Baseball player and broadcast announcer Joe Garagiola was born on this day in 1926.

2#:  Our Legend of Kentucky, President Lincoln’s birthday is celebrated today.

3#:  I did not make more coffee after I emptied the pot this morning and now have serious reason to believe a prank will be played on me at some point today because of this mistake.

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