Despite WICKED weather…the Legends Radio Caravan is STILL Going..

Hey there Legends fans!

Two blogs in one day, by your two favorite people EVER, good ole SuperMario and EBJ!

As it’s been a common theme in the last few blogs, I hope everyone is doing well and has survived this craaaazy weather. It definitely has been a mess.

As Emily (EBJ) mentioned in her post, we kicked off the 2009 Legends Radio Caravan Tuesday, in Cynthiana (Harrison County). Myself, Keith Elkins, (NEW Radio broadcaster), and Alan Stein (Team president) were featured on “Coffee Break with Rick Chasten,” which is a radio program on WCYN. This show is followed by the locals in that town. We were on bright and early from 8am-9am. And, yes, I had to rise and shine at 5:30am to make the drive for the show. YIKES!!!

Legends Caravan 2009 (Somerset-Richmond) 013.jpgYesterday, Wednesday, capped off day numero dos (Day number 2) of the Caravan as
we booked it down to Somerset, Kentucky!
 Backyard Burgers was our site,
and they will be a title sponsor for Legends games on WSFC/WSFE.  They will
carry our opening game (Monday, April 13).



Former Legends great, TURNED Atlanta Braves,
Legends Caravan 2009 (Somerset-Richmond) 002.jpgJosh Anderson was great as always. He signed autographs, talked to visitors, did an interviews.
Attendance could have been better, but the storm hit just a few minutes after 3pm, and the high winds prevented us from using the new inflatable, REALLLLY BIG L!
We started to pack it up, and got it back down and put away just as the rain
came crashing down.     

                                                                                                                                     In Richmond, we set up at EKU in the lobby of Legends Caravan 2009 (Somerset-Richmond) 014.jpgthe Powell Student Center. Charley Taylor, longtime Legends pitching coach, had planned to attend, but missed yesterday morning due to illness. He was going to appear on EKU sports webcast, Colonel Cast.

Today we’re in Danville at Fazoli’s on Hustonville Road from 3-4 p.m.
Then we’re back here at Applebee’s Park in the Makers Mark Club from 5:30-6:30 as Emily mentioned in her post..

If I don’t see you out at the Caravan stops, then I hope to see you out at the National Anthem tryouts on Saturday and Sunday!

until next time,

keep it SUPER fans!


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