46 days and counting.

While Lexington has experienced some spring temperatures the past few days, it can’t warm up fast enough for our staff as we are here day in and day out anticipating and preparing for the season.  Some of our staff is seriously ready to get some baseball action going on the field… even if that means taking matters into their own hands (see below.)

Benji Baseball 001.jpg

With the month of February almost in the history books, March is shaping up to be a pretty

exciting month with our Fan Fest on March 14th, spring training wrapping up, and our Really Big L campaign. 

Benji Baseball 002.jpgWe hope that you are as excited as we are, and if you aren’t for some reason, well we’re about to change that.  Below is our list of 46 reasons YOU need to make your way out to a game this summer!  If these reasons aren’t sufficient, let us know and we will send Big L out to get you himself!  Thanks for reading and enjoy!



46.  Sunshine… who doesn’t love to be out in the pretty weather?  Not to mention that the

sunsets hear are certainly a sight to see. 

45.  Friends… for those who have them or are hoping to make some, our staff, season ticket holders, and occasional fans have proved to be some of the most friendly folks in the Bluegrass.

44.  The Maker’s Mark Club.  Its a restaurant/bar with a behind-home plate view of the field.  For all bourbon or beer drinkers, this is great hang-out at any game.

43.  Big L Mad Dash.  Admit it, if seeing our mascot being chased by dozens of kids across the outfield doesn’t put a smile on your face, then you seriously have a case of the grumpies.

42.  The Bucket Boys.  If you have never seen them perform, you definitely don’t want to miss them this year.  They are so popular that we are bringing them out twice for your viewing pleasure!  To get a sneek peek, check out the link…   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfkIPRhLmKY

41.  Late Night with the Legends.  I hate to toot my own horn, but this is a great addition to the Legends website and a pioneering effort by our organization.  We are certainly proud to provide this online recap after every home game in partnership with McDonald’s.

40.  The Kids area.  Jungle gyms, bouncers and carousel’s oh my!

39.  Foam fingers.  Only true baseball nuts have the guts to sport these obscene displays of fanship.

Thirsty Thursday.  $1 beer and Pespi… sometimes we’ll even throw in a cornhole game.

37.  Wedding proposals.  Every year we have multiple brave souls share their love in front of the crowd by proposing to their fiance.  Its romantic, a little cheesy, and fortunately they always say yes!

36.  The gorilla.  Occasionally we let this guy out of his cage (pun intended.) When he makes it to a game you can usually find him in the stands eating a banana, or trying to distract the visiting team bullpen.

35.  The on-field boxing contest.  Its always fun to see people try to fight with ginourmous faux boxing gloves on their hands.

34.  McDonald’s Mac Attack.  You love them because they hand out free coupons and throw out free squishy balls and pick you to go on field for contests.  We love them because they make you laugh.

33.  Zooperstars.  They eat people, they inflate, they run around like they own the place and we love it.

22 047.jpg
32.  Bark in the Park.  Every now and again we invite you to bring out your best friend to the park… this year we will do it twice!  Check out the promotions calendar off the home page to see which nights are dedicated to man’s best friend.

31.  Cartoon Character Night.  Last year we featured Wolverine, Spiderman, Wonderwoman, Batman and Spongebob!  This year we will have 2 official nights when these characters will be out signing autographs, and another night dedicated to Dora the Explorer!  

30.  Thirsty Thursdays.  Another great feature for this weekly promotion are all the wacky themes, from Jort your Shorts to Toga night.   

29.  The national anthem.  We go to great lengths to feature some of the best talent in the Bluegrass to perform at our games, and we love than on any given night, this song can send chills down your spine.

28.  Tiny.  This crazy character has become a celebrity with his shenanigans on the National City Scoreboard.

27.  Opening Day.  This day is one of the favorites for our staff and the community alike.  Not only does is signify the beginning of the season, but the beginning of summer itself.

26.  The 5th-inning drag.  Our grounds crew will even show off thier YMCA-dancing skills every now and then.  Something no one wants to miss.

25.  The tee-shirt cannon.  The safest piece of weaponry to ever exist, we shoot balls of cotton into the stand and you go crazy.  Truly the work of a genius.

24.   Fan Appreciation Day.  While everything our staff does here has our fans in mind, we love to spoil all of our fans with a celebration at the end of the year.  Last year we gave away hundreds of items from bobbleheads to calendars… stay tuned to see whats in store for 2009.

23.  The obnoxious basball fan.  Every park has to have one, and we are ok with that.  In fact we think the more obnoxious the better.  So feel free to sport your jorts any day of the week.

22.  Education Days.  From a staff standpoint this day is a lot of work, but there is  nothing more fulfilling to see thousands of kids enjoying a day at the ballpark.

21.  The hot dog.  A staple of the ballpark experience, we even dedicate a day of the week to it.

20.  JIF Kid’s Club Sundays.  Members get discounted tickets, a membership card, and a free autograph session… not to mention they get to run around the bases after the game so its a quiet drive for you on the way home!

19.  The ushers.  Some of our seasonal staff have been here since the inaguaral season and Applebee’s Park just wouldn’t be the same without them. 

18.  Thirsty Thursdays.  $1 beer and pepsis… you just can’t get enough.

17.  The videoboard.  Whether the focus of a funny video clip, an instant replay, or just showing off some fun faces from the stands, this thing captures the essence of every game.

16.  Fazoli’s Field of Dreams.  Do you know someone who’s part of a little league?  Do you know a child that would love to run out onto our field with the Legends players?  If so, be sure to visit an area Fazoli’s restaurant and sign up for the great chance to make a kid’s day.

15.  Kids Eat Free Mondays.  Sponsored by Member’s Heritage you can feed your children for 12 and under FREE! 

14.  Legends of the future.  For any baseball fan, our games a great opportunity to follow the players and see which ones could be playing in the big leagues.  Former Legends players that now play in the major leagues include JR Towles, Hunter Pence, and Josh Anderson. 

Thirsty Thursday.  $1 beer and Pespi… sometimes we’ll even throw in a cornhole game.

12. The 1st date or the 501st date.  No matter how long you’ve been with your significant other, the ball park is a great way to spend an evening together 

11.  Major league value at a minor league price.  Where else can you feed a family for $30 or less? 

10. The sounds of summer.  Be honest, sometimes there is nothing better than the sounds you hear at the ballpark.  

9.  Pee Wee.  This side kick of Big L’s has been around since the beginning and is a staple at every Legends game.

8.  The home run.  In 2008 these were few and far between, but it almost made it more majestic when a Legends batter got one past the fence.

7.  7th inning stretch.   

6.  25 cent hot dogs.  no explanation needed.

5.  Thirsty Thursdays.  Seriously, if you haven’t been out on a Thursday, you need to give it a chance.

4.  The Click FX guy.  Ever wonder who plays “Lady in Red” as a walk up song for the opposing team, or who just “rick rolled” the whole stadium… just look up the press box on the far right end.

3.  Priceless memories.  Sometimes small moments can do big things in a persons life.  Whether is a birthday party, bachelor party or family reunion, we are proud to be the venue for so many group gatherings and special moments. 

2.  Fireworks. One of the most popular promotions at any minor league park, the Legends have 14 Fireworks nights on the schedule for 2009.

1. For the love of the game.






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