Down the Stretch We Go…

As Emily mentioned in the last blog post, it’s that time, there are sooooo many reasons to get excited and pumped for the Lexington Legends 2009 baseball season. We are so close. As we go down the stretch…the countdown continues. We’ve got so much going on during the next 42 days that it’s hard to keep it all straight.

This past week, yours truly, good ole SuperMario made stops at Bryan Station Traditional Magnet Middle School for one of our smokeless tobacco presentations. For those who don’t know, the Legends tag-team with KCMOS to help tell students the dangers of using tobacco products, specifically, smokeless tobacco. Bryan Station actually was my old middle school growing up, so it was a homecoming of sorts for me.

Thursday, led me all the way down to the sweet spot known as Lawrenceburg, Kentucky as I was one of the guest speakers for Anderson County High schools career/college fair. anderson co.jpgI talked to their students about the LEGENDS and my job, what I do, jobs we offer at Applebee’s Park to students their age. The kids were great and had awesome questions and the fine staff at the school were in even better. Thanks to Lathe Brady and everyone else for having us out at Anderson County High School!

amber philpot.jpgWhile there, I also ran into an old co-worker of mine from WKYT 27NEWSFIRST, Amber Philpot. She is the lead female anchor for the local CBS television station here and does a great job. She also just so happens to be a big fan of…the Lexington Legends fan…so I had to grab a picture of here for “old times sake” as well so all you loyal Legends fans could see, Ms. Philpot.

Seeing that it IS 42 days until the start of the 9th season of baseball here at Applebee’s Park for the Lexington Legends, we are doing all that we can to be involved in our community and “let the world know” that baseball season is definitely live and well here in the Bluegrass.

Make a Wish-Read Across America 004.jpgBig L made stops throughout Lexington on Sunday and Monday. Sunday, he was at the Lexington Make-A-Wish Bowl. Where local celebrities, came to the Southland Bowling Lanes and it proved to be a success as media folk from all the television and radio stations made it out for the event as well former and current KY wildcats were apart of the festivities as well.

Monday, in the United States of America kicked off “Read Across America” in all of the public schools across the nation. The Legends obviously took part in this wonderful adventure and made an appearance today at Russell Cave Elementary in Lexington. Yours truly, SuperMario & Big L stopped in and read a few Dr. Seuss stories to 1st graders and it proved to be a success as the kids laughed, smiled asked questins and had a ball…which is definitely the goal. If you ever would like Big L, SuperMario or anyone from the Legends staff to make an appearance at your school, call us TODAY at Applebee’s Park. 859.252.4487. We can try and make it happen! 

Make a Wish-Read Across America 006.jpgAlrighty fans, its about that time for me to start getting on the horn and back to work, but please do check back in often and regularly as we gear up for yet another fun-filled year of crazyiness with the Lexington Legends!

Happy Monday!

until next time,

keep it SUPER fans!





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