Legends Mania sweeps the nation!

      It seems that being a Legends fan isn’t specific to residents of Central Kentucky these days.  Academy-award nominated actor Bill Murray proved this last night in Atlanta, GA.  Murray, a noted sports fan was spotted
bill murray hat.jpgsporting a Lexington Legends hat in the front row of the Cavaliers/Hawks game last night. 

     It’s awesome to see this kind of support for our own Legends and the office has had a great morning getting emails from all of our friends and fans who watched the game last night… now if only Mr. Lee Colin Quinn's Shirt.JPGwould get with the trend šŸ™‚

      With only 43 days and counting, its clear  that the buzz of the Lexington Legends has
spread across the nation!  In fact famed comedian and a another former Saturday Night Live icon has also been filmed and photographed in Lexington Legends gear.  This shirt can be seen in an online clip featuring Colin Quinn, but we recommend that you “put on the earmuffs” for a few parts with stronger language.  Everyone at the Legends is excited to have Bill & Colin’s support as we prepare for the upcoming season and welcome them to visit Applebee’s Park anytime!

      Thanks again for everyone who has emailed our staff with pictures and comments and we’ll see you at the Orchard soon!

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