H-E-L-L-O from F-L-O-R-I-D-A!

Heyyyy Legends fans!


Welcome back in to the greatest and most read blog in all of the minor leagues….Diggin’ In to the Legends…

It’s definitely been a few days since I’ve written to all you faithful blog readers…my apologies…as you can imagine, being so close to Opening Day 2009, most of us in the office are running around literally like chickens with our heads cut off. The official countdown has our 1st home game of the season kicking off in 33days. WOWOWOW…

We’re getting in all the final plans for this season of FUN & GAMES, Just Add…YOU!

From attending all of our final school appearances with Big L or making flyers promoting Opening Day we’re on the road 24/7, spreading the good name of the Lexington Legends.

Just a few reminders for all you good folks to know about.

If you haven’t heard by now OR haven’t seen on the Legends dotcom website…this Saturday, March 14 @ 10am, individual tickets go on sale at the Legends ticket office. This date also coincides with FanFest 2009, where we will have TONS of activities going. Check out www.lexingtonlegends.com to see everything happening at the park that day.

The Legends will also be taking part in the 2009 St. Patricks Day parade here in Lexington, KY on the same day. The start time for the “ode to the Irishs,” is at 1pm…feel free to double up and come see us at both locations…it’ll be a BLAST…well, I hope at least.

I’m sure most of you all might not know…but, yours truly, good ole SuperMario will be MIA from the Legends front office beginning TODAY (Saturday) and lasting through the end of next week. I’m taking a schweet vacation down in warm and sunny sunshine state of Florida. Obviously, being the Director of FUN, for the Legends doesn’t allow me to take much time off during the actual season, so I’m knocking it out this week before the whirlwind next 30 days hit me/the office like a pile of bricks. Haha.

But, I’ll definitely try and post a blog from the beach and send you some sweet pictures from down in Panama City Beach.


until next time,

keep it SUPER fans!


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