get READY!!! 1-8 DAYS in counting…

Well hello hello hello Legends fans.

It’s definitely been awhile since your boy, good ole SuperMario has posted a blog on minor league’s #1 baseball blog, Diggin’ In to the Legends. I definitely do apologize for that. I’m sure EmmyB does as well.

But, shew seeing that the countdown till Opening Day is only 18 days away now..the wheels are for sure in motion and we’re revvin’ up for the final days till the first pitch is thrown down here at Applebee’s Park.

Some dates to look out for..

Thursday, March 26th – Reaaallly Big L @ S&S Tire on Richmond Rd (5P-6P)

Friday, March 27th – Reaaallly Big L @ Calistoga in Hamburg (5P-6P)
Saturday, March 28
th – Family Fun Fest time/location TBD (5P-6P)

Monday, March 30th – Reaaallly Big L (Fayette County Public Main Office)

Tuesday, March 31st – Reaaallly Big L @ Sun Tan City in Hamburg (5P-6P)

Wednesday, April 1st – Reaaallly Big L @ Sun Tan City on Richmond Road (5P-6P)

Thursday, April 2nd Reaaallly Big L @ Sun Tan City in Regency Centre (5P-6P)

Friday, April 3rd – Poster Rollout @ Forcht Bank, Time TBD

So with that, there are sooo many ways for you to get your “Legends Fix.” And, just a reminder…if you have no ordered your season tickets or individual tickets, you should definitely get on the ball. HAHA only joking. But, seriously.

If you have any questions about anything about SuperMario or with the Legends…don’t hesitate contact me or EmmyB…you’ve got the questions..we’ve got the answers 🙂

panama!!!!! 038.jpgAnd as promised…here’s a couple pictures from my trip down in Florida. I was in Florida and am pretty sure that I got the best tan out of anyone that spent time in the sun down there. Haha


panama!!!!! 011.jpg






until next time,

keep it SUPER fans


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