Happy Easter!!!!

Happy Easter from good ole SuperMario and the Lexington Legends!

EasterBunny.jpgAnd, just FYI..
The Legends are 3-0 so far this season. They’ll bring their undefeated record home, on Monday, April 13th to battle in a four-day homestand against those Kannapolis Intimidators.

Don’t forget the Legends General Manager, Andy Shea, made his annual GM Bet a few days ago…

60 Degree Guarantee:  if the temperature is UNDER 60 degrees at the time of
the first pitch EVERYONE in attendance gets a “rain voucher” for another
game in April.

11227682_0f70b4e1d9.jpgDollar Day, sponsored by 1-800-PACK-RAT:  Opening Day we are selling hot dogs, Pepsi’s, beers, and
GA/Bleacher tickets for $1.  if we lose opening day we’re going to do it
again the next day…if we win, we don’t.

There’s so much going on, you gottta get those tickets today so you don’t miss out on all the fun. And, I a little bit about FUN…I’m the Director of FUN. ha!

Have a great rest of the weekend EVERYBODY and we’ll see ya at the ballpark on Monday, April 13th!

until next time,

keep it SUPER!


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