Saturday, April 25th = Legends Return Home


Well, welcome into yet another edition of Diggin’ In to the Legends with SuperMario.

The Lexington Legends baseball team have been on the road since early Tuesday and have once again started racking up on those W’s. The Hickory Crawdad have hosted the Legends and have fallen with scores of 4-3 and 3-0. The Crawdads, a Texas Rangers affiliate, did whip up on our Legends during the first meeting on Monday. The last game of the four game set actually is today (Friday). Let’s cheer OUR team on. You can do so by logging onto OR listening to Legends announcer, Keith Elkins, as he broadcasts the Legends LIVE on the radio, on the flagship station, WLXG ESPN 1300 AM.

stuff 001.jpgThe Lexington Legends had a very busy day at Applebee’s Park as the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) held a press conference just outside of the Makers Mark Club, with Lexington mayor, Jim Newberry announcing how the city of Lexington has partnered up with the Legends to help educate the community of how it’s important to “Go Green.”

stuff 002.jpgAlso Friday morning, our friends at Courtesy Acura Pontiac taped their 30minute show “Courtesy on Wheels” featuring Dan and Megan just outside of Applebee’s Park. Alan Stein, Big L, Little L and PeeWee all made SWEET cameo’s in the taping, so be sure to catch the show sometime this weekend or late night during this upcoming week.




hotrods.jpgThe Legends are back in action Saturday, April 25th as they host new in-state rival, Bowling Green Hot Rods. Should be an interesting throwdown as this will be the first-meeting EVER. The gates open at 6pm SHARP, and the first 1,000 fans through the gates will walk away with a pretty sweet gym bag and at the end of the game, we’ll have a fantastic fireworks show after the game. Get EXCITED.

LateNight.JPGIf you miss the game…Shame on you…hahha, just joking. But, make sure after Saturday’s game or ANY Legends home game…you can catch me, SuperMario on Late Night with Legends. It’s a post-game show where myself and Maura Kennedy, one of our Group sales reps, recap the game, have a player interview, play of the game, on-field promotions and a look to the next game.


You can find it  all on, or you can see it on our LegendsNation Youtube account, right here:

When you make it out for a game this week, look for me, when you find me…tell me “HELLO” and let us/me know what we can work on.

Until then

keep it SUPER fans!



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