Legends Hit the Road as the Season is About to Close…

ANOTHER successful, rain-filled 8-day homestand is down in the books here at Applebee’s Park and I thank you for checking out the 183th edition of Diggin’ in to the Legends with me…SuperMario!

WOW! Where in the heck has this season/summer gone? It’s blazed on by faster than normal and our hometeam Legends season is just about done. 7 home games are left and you don’t want to miss out on alllll the action packed things we have coming up. More on that later..

However, if you missed some of the games we had during the past eight days, SHAME ON you…but, it’s okay, I have you covered…I’ll be adding some schweet pictures from some of the games soon..

While our hometeam had a rough time here these last few days at the Orchard, they hit the road later this afternoon to begin their next road series. The trip first takes them to Kannapolis as they battle with the Intimidators through Thursday. After that, the Legends head to Greensboro, North Carolina to take on the Grasshoppers. They return back to Applebee’s Park for the FINAL homestand of the the 2009 season on Tuesday, August 25th.

Make sure you keep in touch and keep checking this blog to find out more about what we have planned for the last 7 games of the season.

Until then fans,

keep it SUPER,


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