the 2009 home baseball season is over..

well hello there friends and thanks for checking out MY blog…Diggin’ In to the Legends!

The 2009 season Legends baseball season has concluded and I tell ya what…it’s kinda sad 😦

5 long grueling months, filled with 70 home baseball games takes a toll on a person especially after a while.

But, while there were many ups and downs, highs and lows for our 2009 Lexington Legends baseball team, which is normal, the folks like me, inside the front office stayed on an incredible all-season long!

Going into this season, we were all well aware that the season would definitely present us with a few obstacles. The economy had the world all crazy-eyed and freaked out, but our staff went ahead and still kept at it, trying to make new sales…It was well documented that our 2008 Legends team had one of the worst years on field in all of minor league baseball…so many folks were leary as the 2009 season approached..

This willd and wicked weather impacted many of our games this year too…but, all in all…regardless of whatever adversity our staff faced, we kept on “truckin” and survived it all and made the best of it!

Take a look at a couple “preview” pictures from the 2009 season and reflect…I’ll be adding some more soon..

I’ll be vacationing soon so be sure to check back into this awesome blog right after Labor Day as I start talking to you about post-baseball fun-ness.

Be in touch soon..

until next time,

keep it SUPER fans!




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