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Wet and Nasty Wednesday Afternoon in Lexington…

Well HELLO friends and welcome into Wednesday Hump Day edition of everybody’s favorite minor league baseball blog, Diggin’ In to the Legends!

This weekend was a FUN weekend for yours truly as Friday night I invited some of my close friends to my casa (house) to celebrate it being…a Friday night in Richmond, Kentucky haha. And, by close friends, I mean there were about 100 people jammed in tight…shew! what a night.

n48200609_33514807_6279.jpgAnd, for those that don’t know as of yet…good ole n48200609_33514770_9134.jpgSuperMario is an avid viewer and dedicated fan of wrestling. Or better known to the folks here in Wildcat country…”rasslin.” A good friend of mine, works as a sales guy for one of the local radio stations here in Lexington, which just so happened to sponsor TNA (Total Non-Stop Action) coming into Lawrenceburg, Ky on Saturday.  Long-story short, for the better part of the day, I was able to hangout with some of their superstars and had an amazing time. The night ended with the guys I hung out all day with, putting it all on the line in the squared circle!

kettle 005.jpgAlso, this weekend another ‘FIRST’ was had for yours kettle 004.jpgtruly as I got in the holiday spirit and built my first ever gingerbread house. The actual idea came from my “allstar super friend,” Lindsea…we actually set and worked on this house for a couple hours…From all the cream to the different types of candy. It ended up turning out a-ok! I added some pretty fun pictures of that as well. Enjoy!

kettle 006.jpgThe last non-baseball news for you is I FINALLY took pictures of my kettle 007.jpgalmost one-year-old puppy, Calvin “the Golden Stallion.” He STILL is the best dog ever and I’m so happy he is around…The camera though makes his eyes look possessed. He’s not though, he barely even barks. 


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So many FUN things happening here at Applebee’s Park in Lexington! It’s great! Only 124 days until Opening Day 2009! Get excited!

until next time,

keep it SUPER fans!



Only 147 days UNTIL Opening Day 2009…

Good Monday morning to all you readers of the hottest blog in minor league baseball..the Lexington Legends FIRST-EVER blog, Diggin’ In to the Legends..today marks the 140th blog posting which is simply AMAZING! Hope you’re still enjoying it, because we definitely enjoy writing..

Hey ALL…don’t miss out on the best seats in the park…2009 Legends season tickets are on sale NOW…so go ahead and get your tickets while you can..

If you didn’t know, with your purchase of 2009 Season tickets or a mini-plan, you will have the chance to win an all-expense paid VIP trip to Houston including airfare for four (4) courtesy of Blue Grass Airport and lodging in Houston. You will enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of Minute Maid Park and tickets to the Astros game. Three (3) entries wih each season ticket package and one (1) entry per mini-plan. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, huh!?

Also as mentioned in the last couple of editions of Diggin’ In to the Legends…you’re not going to find a more elegant setting for your holiday party or other special occasion than the Maker’s Mark Club…with seating for 150, and a clear view of Applebee’s Park, the Maker’s Mark Club is a versatile space, suitable for any occasion..so call us if you would like to host your next event with us..

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In other news..I took Big L, yet again, to another school for another assembly..Last week it was Peaks Mill Elementary, in Frankfort..I spoke about our winter reading program, Hit the Books to around 400 people which included obviously students kindergarten through 5th grade, teachers, parents and more…

Once again, ANOTHER success story as the kids had a blast, Big L was a big hit, and all the kids are super motivated about reading and excited about possibly being the top school at the end of the program..Pictures will be up from the event SOON along with the ones of my puppy, Calvin the “Golden Stallion!”

But, that’s all for today…I’m going to get back to working and we’ll be writing back sooner than later..

Enjoy your Monday, friends!

until next time,

keep it SUPER fans!


Astros sign Taiwanese closer Lo…

Welcome into a very wet and soggy edition of Diggin In to the Legends…currently in Lexington, the weather has went from a picture perfect forecast, to a dowright nasty Friday leading into the weekend. But, things are supposedly are forecasted to clear up. But, we’ll see I guess.

This Sunday, be sure to stop by Downtown Lexington as the 2009 Veterans Parade kicks off. The parade actually begins at 3:30. Myself, Big L, Elle and PeeWee will be out in full force. So be sure to come on down and say HELLO!

Besides that, I have a busy weekend prepared that involves me spending a whole lot of time with my young little puppy, Calvin the Golden Stallion…I’ll post some updated pictures of him sometime next week, so do check back

But, that’s all I have..Below I have a nice article from our mlb affiliate about a hot new prospect, that just has been signed. Read that as well.


And have a great weekend,


keep it SUPER fans!


Young right-hander pitched for national team in Olympics

HOUSTON — One year ago, general manager Ed Wade appointed Glen Barker as the Astros’ director of Pacific Rim scouting, a brand new position that signaled the club’s desire to scour talent in a part of the world they previously hadn’t explored.

On Friday, the Astros introduced their first product of Barker’s journeys — right-hander Chia-Jen Lo, a 22-year-old native of Taiwan.

The Astros are scheduled to introduce Lo at 2 p.m. CT at Minute Maid Park.

Primarly a closer, Lo is currently finishing his education at the Chinese Cultural University and will join the Astros at Spring Training in Kissimmee, Fla.

Lo has pitched for Taiwan’s national teams in junior-, college- and senior-level competition, but his contract with the Astros is his first at the professional level. Scouting reports indicate the right-hander throws a curveball and a fastball that peaks at 96 mph. He also has a good slider and a split-fingered fastball.

“A year ago, we talked about the importance of establishing a presence on the Pacific Rim in order to take advantage of another significant talent stream,” Wade said. “At that time, we tasked Glen Barker with overseeing our scouting in Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea and Australia. Glen has worked tirelessly to get us up and running on the Pacific Rim, and today’s signing of Chia-Jen Lo is a very significant indication of the work that Glen has done.

“Glen had seen Lo a number of times in Taiwan, and he and East Coast scouting supervisor Clarence Johns both saw him pitch in the 2008 Olympics. Their reports indicated that if he had been eligible for the First-Year Player Draft in the United States, Lo would have gone in the top three to five rounds. We are extremely excited to add another quality arm to our development mix and to be on the board as a team that’s serious about its Pacific Rim presence.”

A participant in the 2008 Olympics for the Chinese Taipei team, Lo allowed one earned run in two innings of relief against the China team in Beijing. He also played in the 2008 World University Championship, 2007 World Port Tournament, 2006 World University Championship, 2006 Haarlem Baseball Week, 2005 Asian Championship and 2004 World Junior Championship.


The Astros are not letting go of this beef with Bud Selig

Hello ALL!

I hope everyone had a very refreshing weekend. I wish I could have…but, as I wrote during the last post…our front office had a very busy weekend hosting events here at the Orchard.

As I was during random searches online on Yahoo, I came across this funny article/blog written in regards to our major league affiliate, the Houston Astros.

Check it out and tell us what you think…

So Bud Selig tried to make things right with his constituency down in Astroland on Sunday, taking out a full page ad (read it here) in the Houston Chronicle to explain why he relocated two Cubs-Astros games to Milwaukee’s Miller Park during Hurricane Ike.

The Astros, as you’ll remember, were no-hit by Carlos Zambrano and one-hit by Ted Lilly
and Co. in front of thousands of Cubs fans during their brief trip to
Milwaukee, effectively changing their “home games” into decided road
contests. Since that two-game trip, Houston has gone 2-4, seen their
deficit in the NL Wild Card race go from 2.5 games to 4 and haven’t
stopped voicing their opposition to Selig’s decision.  

says he “regret(s) the frustration the Astros and their fans felt about
playing two games in Milwaukee” and explains the complications of
squeezing the games into a shortened end-of-the-season schedule but
stops short of apologizing or answering why the the games couldn’t be
played in non-MLB stadiums that were closer to the Houston area than at
“Wrigley North.”

Understandably, some of the Astros are still upset, even days after they donned black t-shirts that said “Bud Killed Us” over a picture of Selig. Meanwhile, some enterprising ‘Stros fans have taken to selling shirts like the one above. 

From the Houston Chronicle:

Lance Berkman:
“Major League Baseball has always valued the dollar more than they do
the individual, the players and their families. That’s illustrated in
things like playing through a lightning storm in Chicago (on Aug. 4).

most important thing is getting the game in so you don’t lose the gate
and you don’t lose the revenue. That’s A-No. 1. And then if in the
course of that you can work it around where players aren’t affected,
that’s a distant second. That’s one reason why players try to exploit
the system to the max because they know they’re being treated the same
way. That’s a sad part of the game.”

Doug Brocail:
“The thing is we had days at the end of the season that we could have
played a single game plus a doubleheader if need be. And to make us go
up and play at North Wrigley like we had to on no sleep, it was
absolutely ridiculous. If it was New York or Boston, it would have been
played at the end of the season.

“I truly believe that, and I think 99.9 percent of our teammates believe that. But no, we’re the Houston Astros.”

Yikes. With all this acrimony still hanging in the air, Bud might have to  move
right past the chocolates and flowers and go straight to the new
Mercedes in each players driveway as a means of extending an olive
branch and making peace.

even that won’t make up for the problematic decision made by Selig. The
Houston groundswell against playing in Milwaukee was started long
before the two games were even moved there and Selig was plenty aware
of it. He made the decision to hold the games there anyway, and now
he’s rightfully paying the price. Hopefully he’ll know better next time.

for the Astros, though, it’s time for them to finally put this behind
them, no matter how big they consider the injustice. With just a week
left to play, they have some work to do if they’re going to pass the
Brewers and the Mets for a postseason berth that could help a
struggling city.

Just a FYI..the Lexington Legends did offer up Applebee’s Park as a possible location, however, we weren’t chosen.
Have a GREAT rest of the day everybody.

until next time,
keep it SUPER