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Happy Monday!!!!

Happy Monday to one and all!!!!

First off, this craazy Kentucky weather is starting to get a little out of hand.
Last week, we had 70s for highs, mixed in with a few 60s here and there…and then at night it was at one point, 40 degrees!!! Shew!!!
Now, today the forecast is calling for mid-80s!
It may sound like I’m complaining but, I’m not…just want a little more consistency.  haha. I’m done “venting” about the weather…on to Diggin’ In to the Legends!!!

Some of you die-hard LEGENDS fans may know, but I’m sure everyone else may not know about some of the staff changes that have taken place in the front office during this off-season.
First off, during the actual season, our long-time Elite Service Director turned Director of Ticket Operations Beth Goldenberg left to pursue other opportunities. She had been with the team since season 1. Her replacement is David Barry. He has been with the Legends since 2003. He started as an intern and then worked his way up to Senior Group Sales Representative.  He is going to do a fine job with his new position as Box Office Manager and I’m pumped for him.

David Barrt.gif

And, effective last week I have a new title..
I’m going from Promotions Coordinator to Director of Fun.
How sweet is that? I’ll still be doing the same “fun” things with the team, just with a little new added flare.

I’m sure you all read a few posts ago about the new hire of Ty Cobb!!
The LEGENDARY hire, take on all the Media and Creative Services here at the ballpark and will begin soon here at Applebee’s Park in the coming days.
Should be interesting…
He originally interned this past season with our “sister team” the Omaha Royals, in the marketing department.
From what I hear, he definitely has his stuff together so we’ll see what happens!

We also recently just wrapped up the hiring of some new sales folk…when they are officially announced, I’ll be sure to let you know right here in Diggin’ In to the Legends!!!

Besides all that, I’m ‘SUPER’ busy trying to get/find opportunities for Big L to get out and be involved in the community…so keep your eyes open, the Lexington Legends will be hitting the streets and might just pop up at your next event.

Other than that, for all you horse lovers, here in Lexington, a place called Keeneland opened up for its Fall Meet. I ended up going with some friends, spent too much and got an un-needed tan. hahaa.
But, its alot of fun and if you have a chance during the next two weeks, I recommend you to hit the race tracks up.
You’ll enjoy it!

That’s all for now..
Until next time, keep it SUPER..