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Somebody Has a Case of the Mondays…

Welcome into Diggin’ In to the Legends, the first EVER and ONLY blog of the Lexington Legends.

As the title of today’s blog says..It’s Monday…which means its back to work here at Applebee’s Park. Actually, its kinda a scary day in the weather world as Fayette County is just one of the many Kentucky counties that is currently under a Winter Weather Advisory until tomorrow afternoon. So far, the morning commute to Lexington we saw rain showers. That is then expected to turn into ice and then snow flurries are expected to come down on the drive back home. So all you faithful readers of the hottest blog in baseball make sure that you stay safe during all this wacky weather.

As usual, this weekend in the life of good ole SuperMario was pretty eventful as I opened up the house where I live, ONCE AGAIN, where some of my close friends came and we enjoyed the great thing that is called the weekend. haha.

On Saturday afternoon, I made a return trip to Lexington as I attended the University of Kentucky mens basketball game versus Indiana….great game, great seats…I even brought along my allstar super friend, Lindsea..

life 043.jpg


This is of the RARE times you’ll see me ever donning other sports teams gear…because…WE ALL KNOW that the Lexington Legends are the top dog when it comes to premier sports teams in Central Kentucky.
Anthem photos 021.jpg









Not sure if you knew it or not..but, the Legends just made a few **NEW** changes to the BEST Kids Club in town…the Lexington Legends Kids Club, presented by JIF. Well first of all, the price for the club this year is $13. That gets you a year-long membership into the club along with 2009 Kids Club T-shirt, Legends Kid ID Tags, subscription to Little Legends E-Monthly, the official newsletter of the Kids Club, an autographed photo of Big L & the Legends family and TONS of other fun and cool items. If you’re interested in signing up your kid or someone else who is under the age of 12…contact me today @ manderson@lexingtonlegends.com so we can get you taken care of.  Any kid who is signed up before January 30…gets ONE FREE BOX TICKET to Opening Day 2009! Which is only 119 days away! Get EXCITED!! I’ve added the logo for this year so you can take a look at it..Legends Kids Club 2009 LOGO.JPGIt’s about that time for me to get back to work before I head out for lunch. Hope you enjoyed yet another edition of Diggin’ In to the Legends..please DO keep checking, because we’ll definitely keep bloggin!

Until next time,

keep it SUPER fans!


Happy Tuesday!!!!!

Well hello ALL:

Welcome to yet another edition of Diggin’ In to the Legends!!!!! It’s been five days now since Thanksgiving and I tell ya what..I’m still STUFFED! I hope all you faithful readers had a GREAT holiday and guess what!? Christmas is LITERALLY just down the corner and a couple weeks ago. Exciting, huh?

StrikeOut Logo.JPGIt’s only Tuesday and the week has already got off to a very fast start. For those that do not know, the Lexington Legends try our hardest do be community leaders and bring programs that are really big hits! One of the programs that was just recently lauched for the 9th year was the Strike Out Against Tobacco campaign. The Legends partner with our friends at Kentucky Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery to put on a pretty sweet program that teaches school students the dangers of smokeless tobacco. All students listen to this 45 minute presentation and at the end, they sign a pledge promising to refrain from using any type of tobacco products. After they sign the card, they are eligible to bring their card to any Sunday thru Wednesday, Lexington Legends home game and receive a free ticket. Nice deal, huh? We’ll be doing presentations all over the bluegrass. So far we have dates locked in for schools in Madison, Clark, Rockcastle, Jessamine and of course here in Fayette County. If you’re a teacher and interested in signing up your class for a presentation, or just want to learn more about the program, feel free to email me at manderson@lexingtonlegends.com


I know you’re keeping track just like I am, but for those who are not…we are EXACTLY 132 days away from Lexington Legends Opening Day 2009. This year is going to be a blast…if you haven’t ordered your season tickets or mini-plan tickets for the 2009 season…you should get a jump on it ASAP..I’m just saying. We have ALOT of SUPER deals going on and its good to get those tickets now instead of waiting till later!

Family Photo.jpgTake a look below as the Big L Character Appearances are still rolling…If you would like to bring Big L or any of the Legends characters out to an event..big or small…just let good ole SuperMario know and I’ll set up the rest:

Friday, December 5th
-Volunteers of America of KY (Radisson Hotel) 8am 
Saturday, December 6th
-2009 Christmas Parade – Richmond, KY (7pm)
Friday December 12th
-IvyWalls Charitable Giving Check Presentation (Applebee’s Park) 8am – (Big L)
Friday, December 19th
-Hit the Books School Assembly Westridge Elementary (Frankfort) 1pm-2pm – (Big L)
Tuesday, January 6th
-Hit the Books School Assembly – Pilot View & Trapp Elementary Schools (Winchester) 8:30am-10:45am – (Big L)
I hope EVERYONE has a fantastic week ahead and keep the comments coming, we LOVE hearing feedback!
until next time,
keep it SUPER fans,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Welcome into this Tuesday (Late Edition) of Diggin’ In to the Legends….

This week’s edition of the Legends first-ever blog, we’ll be SUPER short..due to the holiday.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), our GM, Andy Shea was so gracious enough to only make us work a half-day, and then let us off Thursday and Friday…so EVERYONE in the hollow halls of the Legends front office was pretty pumped about that fantastic news.

I really really hope that all you faithful readers of this blog have a great thanksgiving holiday and eat waaaayyy too much and enjoy your time with your close friends and families.

Be sure to mark down in your schedules, if you haven’t already…this Saturday, November 28 @ 5:30pm is the 2008 Lexington Christmas Parade in downtown. I will be there along with the Legends characters will be there shaking hands and given out fun flyers promoting our 2009 season which is a little over 130 days away. So, if you’re free, come on down and say HELLO…i’d love to see ya..or if you want to talk to me..at least, show your support of the Legends by wearing your Legends clothings to the parade 🙂

That’s all I have for this week’s edition of Diggin’ in to the Legends..

until next time, keep it SUPER fans!





T.G.I.F Fans…The weekend is ALMOST here…just a few hours away…guess who is pumped..your’s truly…good ole SuperMario definitely is..I hope EVERYONE has had an awesome week so far…

If you haven’t heard by now…our f
ormer director of broadcasting and media relations Rob Gidel has accepted an opportunity to work with the University of Akron radio network, and among other duties, is the play-by-play announcer for women’s basketball.

So, the Legends had to go out and find a new “Voice of the Legends” and boy did we pick up a great choice…KEITH ELKINS…

Keith Elkins.gif

Keith Elkins, a former Lexington television sports reporter and anchor and public relations officer at the University of Kentucky and Transylvania University, has accepted the broadcasting and media relations position. In addition to serving as the team’s primary media contact, his duties will include play-by-play of all games on radio. Legends games are heard on flagship station WLXG in Lexington and 34 affiliates across the Commonwealth, making up the largest radio network in minor league baseball. Elkins worked part-time on Legends broadcasts in 2008.

He is going to do a fine job and we are ALL excited to have Keith join us here in our front office staff.

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to check back in on Monday as I wrap up my weekend and fill you in on the week ahead.

until next time, keep it SUPER fans!




New week = Back to the grind…

Happy Monday all!

Welcome into the 137th edition of Diggin’ In to the Legends. We are exactly 154 days away from the 2009 Lexington Legends baseball season.

jh 002.jpgAs ususal..the two day weekend flew by super fast jh 003.jpgand its back to the grind here in the front office of the Lexington Legends. On Sunday, the city of Lexington celebrated Veteran’s Day 2008  with a parade through downtown. It was frigid and at times, a little challeging, but the good word about the Legends was still being broadcast and people were given information on how to buy season tickets, rent out the Makers Mark Club, or just simply log onto www.lexingtonlegends.com.

Unofficially, there were about 200 people who braved the cloudy, chilly weather. Here are a few pictures from the parade: Enjoy!

This morning, after our weekly staff meeting, the always wonderful Emily (EBJ) led the whole office in TigerPaw training. I’m sure 95% of the readers don’t know what TigerPaw is, but, long story short…its a system on all of our computers where we can compile contact information, schedule meetings, view one anothers contacts, etc. Emily, the TigerPaw oficianado, delivered a tutorial over the loudspeaker in the office and taught all of us newbies how to operate this sweet program.

Besides that, this first work day of the week, has been rather slow as I have been on the internet all day researching possible new promotional events from other athletic teams…yeah, FUN!!!

I’ll write back sometime later this week with other cool happenings and updated Big L appearances so as always, check back and let us know what you think!

that’s all for today.

until next time…keep it SUPER fans!



ELECTION DAY, is SuperMario STILL single??, wild weather AND other random notes…

Well a big THANKS for checking out this weeks Election Day edition of Diggin’ In to the Legends…

Normally, EVERY MONDAY, I post a fun blog about the weekends happenings, but yesterday was a little busy here on the home front, so my apologies.

Ace Weekly ad.JPGHowever, during the last blog posting, I mentioned how I was selected to be one of Ace Weekly’s (Lexington newspaper) Bluegrass Bachelors. Now, yes…I promised some pictures, but unfortunately, I took EXACTLY zero pictures. My apologies. However, long story short, SuperMario IS still single..no lucky ladies stole the heart of this guy on that day. Great conversations though with some nice women. But, no winners. The day was also a little somber though, as one of the Bluegrass Bachelors was involved in a motorcycle accident on Thursday and passed away after a result from the crash. I, SuperMario on behalf of all of us here at the Lexington Legends were saddend by the tragic news and our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with Larry Goodrich’s friends and family. For those who don’t know, Larry was a long-time worker from Lexmark.

As you can tell from the first line of the blog and the title of the blog…TODAY is ELECTION DAY across the United States of America. If you have not gone out just yet to be apart of history..then get out soon and rock the vote! Polls stay open until 6pm (in Kentucky, at least), so don’t miss out on your chance to elect the candidates in the local, regional and national races that best represent you and your ideals/visions for the future.

Currently, the temperature is registering on the thermonater as 74 warm degrees during the FIRST WEEK OF FREAKING NOVEMBER…LOOOOVE IT! Even our front office is super steamy and at times unbearable..This wild Kentucky weather is truly something else. But, guess what?? Don’t get too comfortable with the high temps, because by the weekend, the 60s return then eventually will be struggling to get out of the lower 50s. Brace yourselves!


xmas mascots.jpgBig L is still on his tour of criss-crossing the state, meeting and greeting the SUPER people of this wonderful community. Check below to see where you catch him and the rest of the Legends characters next!:

*Sunday, November 9th – Veterans Day Parade (Lexington) – Big L, Elle, PeeWee, SuperMario

*Friday, November 14th – Peaks Mill Elementary – Big L

*Friday, November 29th – Christmas Parade (Lexington) – Big L, Elle, PeeWee, SuperMario

*Friday, December 5th – Christmas Parade (Richmond) – Big L, PeeWee

*Friday, December 19th – Westridge Elementary (Frankfort) – Big L

 So with all that being said..thanks for reading this 136th blog post of Diggin’ In to the Legends! Hope you’re STILL enjoying it. The one year anniversary of the FIRST EVER Lexington Legends blog is coming up pretty soon, so get excited.

Speaking of getting excited, there are exactly 160 days until the 2009 Lexington Legends baseball season kicks off, so mark those calendars…Monday, April 13th, 2009 will be here sooner than you think!

Ps…if you haven’t seen it yet on the homepage of the Legends website: www.lexingtonlegends.com, the Maker’s Mark Club at Applebee’s Park is now making reservations for the fall and winter! Call 859.252.4487 to book your corporate function, reception or holiday party today! 

that’s all for now but until next time everyone..

keep it SUPER fans!


Is the weekend here yet???

Good Thursday morning everyone!!!

It’s just before 10am, and yes I’m writing a fun blog for you to read. Before I start, here in Lexington…the weather is back to normal (i guess), for Monday & Tuesday it was hot with 80s then OUT OF NOWHERE, Hump Day otherwise known as Wednesday brought rain, clouds and 60 degree highs. Didn’t I tell you a couple blogs ago how weird this Kentucky weather truly is..well, no more venting for me…onto Diggin’ In to the Legends…

So yesterday also Walk Your Kid to School 002.jpgbrought with it a holiday of sorts…national ‘Walk Our Kids to School Day!’ SuperMario, along with the rest of the Lexington Legends front office ALL love being involved in the community and giving back to as many people possible throughout the community. Well, Big L and PeeWee made their presence felt during the morning as they both made stops at local Fayette County Schools. PeeWee popped up at Ashland Elementary while Big L hit up Julius Marks Elementary. Take a look at the pictures from Big L’s visit as he not only walked kids to school in the morning but he also made suprise visits to some classrooms as well.

Walk Your Kid to School 001.jpg
Walk Your Kid to School 003.jpg









On tap for good ole SuperMario’s schedule on this Thursday is trying to continue to hammer out some of our promotional events for the 2009 baseball season. We have 70 home games this year so I’m trying to find the most “SUPER” ideas that will make YOU want to come out to the park with YOUR friends and family! 

Feel free to leave comments or send me an email at manderson@lexingtonlegends.com if you have any ideas on a national act or performer/singer that you think we should bring out to Applebee’s Park next year.


until next time,

keep it SUPER fans!


Happy Monday!!!!

Happy Monday to one and all!!!!

First off, this craazy Kentucky weather is starting to get a little out of hand.
Last week, we had 70s for highs, mixed in with a few 60s here and there…and then at night it was at one point, 40 degrees!!! Shew!!!
Now, today the forecast is calling for mid-80s!
It may sound like I’m complaining but, I’m not…just want a little more consistency.  haha. I’m done “venting” about the weather…on to Diggin’ In to the Legends!!!

Some of you die-hard LEGENDS fans may know, but I’m sure everyone else may not know about some of the staff changes that have taken place in the front office during this off-season.
First off, during the actual season, our long-time Elite Service Director turned Director of Ticket Operations Beth Goldenberg left to pursue other opportunities. She had been with the team since season 1. Her replacement is David Barry. He has been with the Legends since 2003. He started as an intern and then worked his way up to Senior Group Sales Representative.  He is going to do a fine job with his new position as Box Office Manager and I’m pumped for him.

David Barrt.gif

And, effective last week I have a new title..
I’m going from Promotions Coordinator to Director of Fun.
How sweet is that? I’ll still be doing the same “fun” things with the team, just with a little new added flare.

I’m sure you all read a few posts ago about the new hire of Ty Cobb!!
The LEGENDARY hire, take on all the Media and Creative Services here at the ballpark and will begin soon here at Applebee’s Park in the coming days.
Should be interesting…
He originally interned this past season with our “sister team” the Omaha Royals, in the marketing department.
From what I hear, he definitely has his stuff together so we’ll see what happens!

We also recently just wrapped up the hiring of some new sales folk…when they are officially announced, I’ll be sure to let you know right here in Diggin’ In to the Legends!!!

Besides all that, I’m ‘SUPER’ busy trying to get/find opportunities for Big L to get out and be involved in the community…so keep your eyes open, the Lexington Legends will be hitting the streets and might just pop up at your next event.

Other than that, for all you horse lovers, here in Lexington, a place called Keeneland opened up for its Fall Meet. I ended up going with some friends, spent too much and got an un-needed tan. hahaa.
But, its alot of fun and if you have a chance during the next two weeks, I recommend you to hit the race tracks up.
You’ll enjoy it!

That’s all for now..
Until next time, keep it SUPER..


LEGENDS force extra innings, can they make it 3 wins in a row….

Thanks for taking time to read minor league baseball’s #1 blog…Diggin In To the Legends…

It took 10 innings, but the LEGENDS couldn’t pull out the ‘W’ in their four-game series with the Hickory Crawdads..

The final score ended up being 7 to 5 as the hometeam was defeated on a two-out, two-run double in the top of the 10th inning.
With that loss, the LEGENDS ended up splitting the four-games series with the Crawdads and now host the “powerful” team of West Virginia in their final four home games of the season at Applebee’s Park.

Thumbnail image for Myron Noodleman.jpgAs usual, the gates open up at 6pm, the first pitch is at 7:05pm and all the fun will be held during those nine innings of baseball.

If you’re looking for something to do/see at the ballpark other than baseball tonight, national performer, Myron Noodleman will be strutin’ it up and making fans laugh all night long as his brings his trademark moves and overall “funny-ness” to the Orchard. Just a little history about Mr. Noodleman, he used to be a high school teacher but then left to become a national performer. He has been performing for 14 years now and he got in the “funny” business after he won a Halloween Costume Contest!

Don’t miss out at all.
There are only 4 more games left.

Get your tickets online at http://www.lexingtonlegends.com or call the box office at 859.422.RUNS TODAY!

that’s all for now, see YOU tonight!
until next time, keep it SUPER!


LEGENDS do it AGAIN, oh my! take two…

“Do you believe in miracles…”
That’s the phrase made famous 28 years ago by legendary broadcaster, Al Michaels during the 1980 Olympics when the U.S Hockey team shocked the Soviets in an epic battle of ice superiority..

But, as EVERYONE knows, the LEGENDS have had their troubles of late on the field…but, during the bottom of the ninth inning during the last Thirsty Thursday of the 2008 season, the hometeam found themselves down in the score book, 5 to 3…
Most fans, of course, started making their way out of Applebee’s Park because they assumed the ballgame was over..

Well, not soo fast my friends.
One of the newest additions to the Lexington Legends, 3rd baseman Chris Jackson hit a three-run home run to send the Legends to their second walk-off win in two days. Jackson’s three-run “BROADWAY bomb” capped a 5-run ninth inning

So momentum is DEFINITELY on the LEGENDS side as they enter their final game of their series TONIGHT against those Crawdads…
Gates open at 6pm & First Pitch is at 7:05pm..
We’re giving away only a selected amount of special edition Josh Anderson Statues tonight when the gates open…it’s all through our big sponsor of the night…Eastern Kentucky University.
Should be hot night at Applebee’s Park.. 

Thats all for now…

until next time,
keep it SUPER…