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Hey Yall!!!

Hey YALL! I reckon yoons’ are enjoying this here blog, eh?
How’s that for an opening line?

Last night (Thursday) was Boots & Beer night here at Applebee’s Park. And, if I must say…It was a pretty happenin’ night.
A majority of our front office staff showed off their best country outfits for the fans.
Yours truly, good ole SuperMario even suited up in a cowboy hat, plaid shirt and a sheriff’s badge.

It was a night truly for the ages and for folks who were at the park, they got to not only hear our Guest PA annoucer, Ryan Lemond, but they were also treated with me serving as the on-field announcer.
I even did a fan-favorite…singing, Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

But, onto Friday’s Famous Mustache…
The one, the only, famous television personality…Geraldo Rivera!


Gerald Michael Rivera was born July 4, 1943 known by his television name of Geraldo Rivera or simply Geraldo, is an American attorney, reporter and former talk show host. He is known to have an affinity for dramatic, high-profile stories. Rivera hosts the news magazine program, Geraldo at Large and appears regularly on Fox News Channel.

He is usually a loose-cannon when he is on television, but he is known for getting “the big story!”
Now, he has NO Lexington Legends connection…YET.
But, stay tuned never say never.

Make sure you come on out to the ballpark this weekend as we have a plethora of events going on…from the Guest PA announcer continuning on, to the Bluegrass State Games going on with the “Subway Guy” Jared Fogle stopping by for the Opening Ceremonies, Horse Appreciation Night on Saturday and our annual Faith Night event featuring Mark Schultz on Sunday!

Lots and lots of fun stuff happening. Don’t miss it!

keep it super FANS,

Famous Staches…

Hello ALL:

I hope everyone had a FANTABULOUS weekend.
I of course, enjoyed another GREAT weekend away from the ballpark.
Whether it was hitting up the downtown scene or being at Rupp Arena in Lexington both on Friday and Saturday night…I definitely had a blast.

For those keeping count…I’m officially OUT in the Stache Bash ’08 hair-fest, but some in our front office are keeping it going and when you see the updated pictures, I’m sure you will enjoy them very much.

Onto today’s Famous Stache of the Day..

ron burgundyLegendary Anchorman, Ron Burgundy.

He is a five-time (local) emmy award-winning journalist, he is the main anchor for the KVWN Channel Four News Team from 1964 to 1977. Always confident and well-dressed, he is nevertheless ignorant, egoistical, misogynistic, and narcissistic,
but also remains the rock for the entire group. He develops an
infatuation with newcomer Veronica Corningstone, initially having
trouble wooing her with tried and true measures that allegedly won him
many bimbo-type women in the past. He has a great fondness for a good glass of scotch-whiskey, poetry, and his best friend/pet dog Baxter, and plays a mean jazz pipe. He refers to his fists as Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary, calls his arms “guns”, and is most definitely not afraid to resort to fisticuffs.”

Thanks to my good friends at wikipedia.org for helping with the bio for Mr. Burgundy.

The homestand kicks off THIS WEDNESDAY night as its Ladies Night here at Applebee’s Park, which means
Ladies (and gentlemen) can buy one ticket and get another for FREE when you present your Sun Tan City card at the box office!
It’s a 8-day homestand, so there is no reason that you should miss a chance at stopping by to catch a game.

That’s all for now, but TRUST ME, I’ll be writing back soon.
Thanks for reading.

keep it SUPER fans!

Stache Bash 2008

Hello ALL!!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their weeks and gearing up for a SUPER DUPER 4th of July…hopefully, you and your family/friends are deciding to spend it with us here in Legends land.

We have games tonight, Thirsty Thursday…$1 beers/$1 pepsi @ 7:05 pm
Friday @ 7:05pm and Saturday @ 7:05pm as well.

Well, I’m sure many of you all AREN’T aware but TODAY (Thursday, July 3rd, 2008) officially started the Stache Bash here at Applebee’s Park.
What’s a stache bash you ask?

I’ll tell ya..

-Men cannot shave after July 3rd.  If they decide to shave AT ALL during the
competition, they will be eliminated… and mocked.

-Each participant will be photed on July 3rd for a beginning picture.  Each
Wednesday they will be photed for an update of facial hair growth.

-All men who make it to July 23rd will then compete in a contest at the
Legends game.  On July 23rd they will be permitted to shave their face into
the best “stache style”.  The fans will then get to vote for the winner who
will win a free shaving kit/package/treatment as a prize.

-As a perk, the Legends will be celebrating famous faces throughout history
during games in the month of July including of course Big L.

So with all that being said, lets celebrate our first famous face…

Hulk HoganThe LEGENDARY…Hulk Hogan.

For people that know me well..
I’m a HUGE fan of this man.
So big of a fan, that not only do I have two 3-hour plus DVDs on this guy’s life…but, I have a Hulk Hogan plush doll in my bedroom.
I know…wild, huh?

I could go on and on and on about this BROTHER…but, I’ll spare everyone from that.

Not so sure how long I’ll last in this Stache Bash contest, but I’m a good sport, so we’ll see what happens.

More to come, soon!

keep it SUPER fans!